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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Truffle Market in Puget-Theniers

Last Saturday, we took a great trip on a little train that goes from Nice into the mountains. Looks more like a tram than a train. But the views are amazing and the mountain valleys beautiful.  Our destination was Puget-Theniers, a little village about an hour's trip above Nice. It was the site of the annual truffle market, complete with a marching band, sellers of wine, cheese, baskets, sausage and -- of course -- truffles.  We were the only tourists within miles. The fresh truffles were for sale at 120 euros for 100 grams, about $160 for 4 ounces.  A walnut-sized truffle costs about $40. A lot, but one truffle goes a long way, and the taste and aroma are amazing! We took one home and had an very special meal of truffled pasta with enough left over for a truffle sauce for our filet on St. Valentin (yes, Hallmark has convinced the French to celebrate Valentine's Day)

The marche

The truffles -- black gold!

The couple we bought our truffle from. They are holding a 300 gram truffle worth almost $500!

Truffle dog demonstration; smaller than a pig!
Is this France, or what?

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