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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oysters and - gulp! - sea urchins

A beautiful day on the Côte d'Azur! We took the train into Nice (6 minutes from Villefranche), did some shopping at the market, found a fabulous cheese shop and bought some fromage, and then went to lunch at Nice's most famous seafood temple - Cafe de Turin. Looked like a movie set with white tablecloths, tin ceiling, tile floor etc. About the only thing on the menu is shellfish, most of it raw. We had a dozen oysters and decided to be brave and try sea urchins -- also raw. (They are the dark things at the top of the plate in the photo) The oysters were excellent: cold, briny, super fresh. The urchins were okay but I'd probably not order them again. Not much to eat and not much taste.
We're off to Antibes tomorrow for a hike along the sea, lunch, and perhaps a visit to the Picasso museum. Best to avoid Nice since it's Carnival and the town is a zoo.
School is going fine. It's hard to believe we're half over!

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