Carolyn's and Tom's Trips to France from 2009 to 2015

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A hike around Cap Martin and lunch in Menton

A spectacular day -- 70 degrees, full sun, and breezy; nicest day we've had on our February trips to France. We had a lovely walk around Cap Martin, a peninsula sticking into the sea east of Nice, on a path below the homes of the rich and famous. We took the train to the beginning of the walk (tickets for old age pensioners, a mere 3 euros each), walked around this beautiful peninsula and into Menton.  Menton backs up to the Italian border and is reputed to have the warmest climate in France. After walking 5 miles or so, we had lunch in a sidewalk restaurant looking out on the sea. Linguini with mussels and clams was the main attraction. Mmmm! Then back to Villefranche by bus. Then a nap.  Old age pensioners need their rest!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nous sommes arrivés

After what seemed a long night that was actually five hours short by way of a 5-hour time change, we arrived yesterday in Villefranche to our sweet little apartment, across a pretty square from the village church. Remember the song you sang as a kid -- frere Jacque? And the bit about "sonnez les matinas?" And the "ding, dong ding?" Well, I now understand it too well as they ring "les matinas" every morning at 7 am, right across from our apt, and they get pretty enthusiastic about it. Of course, the bells also ring the hours and half hour. Blessedly, they pause from 10 pm to 7 am. Local color and very atmospheric.
Here are a few pics of our front door, the square we look out on, and our little "street". None of the roads in the old town are big enough for cars, too narrow and too many steps. Another blessing from another era.

More later

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